ETS Directive

Directive 2003/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 October 2003 establishing a system for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Union and amending Council Directive 96/61/EC: Consolidated TEXT: 32003L0087 — EN — 08.04.2018 (

Implementing Regulation

Commission Implementing Regulation laying down detailed rules for the application of Directive 2003/87/EC as regards the operation of the Modernisation Fund supporting investments to modernise the energy systems and to improve energy efficiency of certain Member States.

Assessment Guidance Document and appendixes

Assessment Guidance Document: To promote consistency between different submissions and to facilitate the investment proposal assessment process, the Assessment Guidance Document discusses investment submission practicalities, assessment criteria and assessment processes – updated 20/12/2022

  • Appendix 3: Modalities of the investment proposal submission process
  • Appendix 4: Investment proposal submission form for priority investments – updated 16 July 2021
  • Appendix 5: Investment proposal submission form for non-priority investments – updated 16 July 2021
  • Appendix 6: Subsequent disbursement for priority investment schemes – updated 20/12/2022
  • Appendix 7:Subsequent disbursement for non-priority investment schemes proposal form – updated 20/12/2022

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